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Amazing Easy to Use Software Will Help Your Child Become the Master of Math Facts, Guaranteed or Your Money Back!

"How Would You Like Your Child To Memorize Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division in The Next 21 Days, Guaranteed?"

Our Software Makes This Possible. In Fact, You Could Be Up And Running With Our Software In The Next 10 Minutes!

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From: Tony Manso
Cornelius, Oregon USA

Dear Concerned Parent,

What if you could sit your child in front of a computer for 5 minutes each day and watch as they become the Master of Math Facts? Would you do it?
Are you ready to change your child's life for the better?


"My daughter learned her times tables in less than a week! I didn't even have to be there to help her. I would walk by every few minutes to see how she was doing but she hardly noticed me as she was so focused on the software."

Paul Spencer, Dad
Golden, Colorado

"I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with this product. My first grader went from completing the addition portion in 11 minutes with me answering all of the questions adding up to more than 11. In just a few weeks she can complete the addition and subtraction portions herself with her addition time of 2:51 and her subtraction time being 4:05. She has also learned all of the multiplication table except 6,7 and 8. She is now asking me if we can work on division. When I signed up for the tips it made all the difference. We make sure to work on SpeedMath every night for at least 5 minutes. This is a wonderful tool and I can't thank you enough."

Saudia Casper, Mom
Riverside, California

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With SpeedMath from AME Labs, your children will improve their basic math skills every time they use the software.

Here's how your child will benefit from using SpeedMath:

  • No more need to count in his/her head or fingers when adding or subtracting.
  • More confidence to participate in school.
  • Ability to solve problems faster.
  • Your child will MEMORIZE addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts.
  • It's like having a 24-hour a day math tutor! Your child will have access to SpeedMath whenever they want to use it.

    LIMITED OFFER: FREE Six-Part "SpeedMath Tips" Report When You Purchase SpeedMath.



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    FREE Six-Part Report! This report is designed specifically to show you how to get the most out of SpeedMath and give your child the best results possible. It will be delivered to you via email in six parts over the next seven days from the time you purchase SpeedMath.

    Windows Software Only. SpeedMath currently runs on PC's running Windows 98, Windows 2014, Windows NT or Windows XP. A Macintosh version is not currently available.

    INSTANT DOWNLOAD! As soon as you complete your order, you will be taken to a page with instructions on how to download and install SpeedMath. You will also be given an opportunity to claim your FREE Six-Part "SpeedMath Tips" Report.

    MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! Order SpeedMath now and sign up for your FREE SpeedMath Tips Report. Follow the instructions on the report and keep track of your child's progress for the next 21 days. If you don't see dramatic results at the end of 21 days, simply send me an email saying it didn't work and I'll REFUND YOUR ENTIRE PAYMENT! That's how confident I am that SpeedMath will work for you.

    Don't Put This Off! Your children DESERVE to stand out in their classroom. The benefits that come from using SpeedMath will last your child for a lifetime.

    Order SpeedMath Now and Watch Your Child Transform Right Before Your Eyes.

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    Here is some feedback left by eBay users during a recent eBay promotion of SpeedMath.

    How does SpeedMath work? SpeedMath uses visual and audible stimuli to assist with memorization of basic math facts. Its simple and straightforward visual format allows your child to stay focused on problem solving while also encouraging completion of the drill. Once a drill is mastered, it can be completed literally in under ONE MINUTE!

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    What are some features of SpeedMath? SpeedMath has several features which enhance the learning experience and user interface:

    • Human voices: When your child moves the cursor over a button, a human voice (actually the voice of my children and wife) will tell him what that button is for.
    • Realistic sounds: Whistles, buzzers, human voices and various sound effects make SpeedMath an enjoyable experience for all who use it.
    • Simple interface: The entire SpeedMath interface consists of eight buttons, two of which you will not likely ever use. Each button contains a symbol that makes it clear what the button is for.
    • Practice drills: Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division drills will tell your child when he answer a question incorrectly, and even tells him what the correct answer is in a plain english voice.
    • SpeedMath Challenge: This is not for the faint of heart. It consists of 45 questions of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, and requires 100% accuracy in order to get into the SpeedMath Hall of Fame.
    • SpeedMath Hall of Fame: The day your child gets his name in the Hall of Fame will be a day you remember for years to come.

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